Friday, April 6, 2012

"Egg"cellent Easter Egg Hunt and Family Fun

Well, I've missed a few letters/days in the A to Z adventure, so I'm just jumping right in with "E" (yesterday's letter) and "F" (today's letter).  Not exactly what the monthly meme was designed to do, but I will have to go with it.

My local Chico Mothers Club had an egg hunt this week and we had great fun.  This was the first large character that Bean has been willing to actually touch and sit on their lap!  Usually she is really excited to see them until she gets up close and then she gets scared.  But, she climbed right up for the picture, although as you can probably see from the picture, she was not exactly confident in her decision.  She had fun with the Easter Bunny, but really liked the pre-bunny activities - playing in the park:

and of course, the egg hunt (not a challenging one because there were only 4 and younger there, but they had a blast):

The day was particularly special because Bean's "Gigi" and "Papa" were here for a visit!  So, we all got some special Family Fun time Easter-style.  The day was gorgeous.  The river was running fast after all the rain, but the sky was nearly cloudless for the egg hunt:

She spent time with Papa and Daddy...

And some with Gigi...

And some time by herself just enjoying the great outdoors...

All in all, it was a great day, especially after the last few weeks of illnesses, doctor and hospital visits, bad weather and just plain miserableness!  We were also able to enjoy the first of our Thursday Night Markets here in Chico.  We will celebrate Easter at her other Grandma and Grandpa's on Sunday with her favorite Aunt and hopefully her cousins.

I'm really happy to have had this time as her Dad is leaving again on Wednesday for work and then when he comes back we will be straight into the tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy, which will obviously have some recovery time (and a night in the hospital again) and some anxiety for all of us.  But, if it helps her sleeping become more consistent and restful (and possibly even give her a better appetite) and keeps all the ear infections at bay, it will be more than worth all of the hassle!  Fingers crossed.

For now, I leave you with the Bean readying herself for her day out...I think the smile says it all!

Hope you have a very Happy Easter or Passover or just a great weekend!  

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