Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blood Draw, Petco, Barnes and Noble and lots and lots of sleep!

That about sums up our day.  The picture over there is actually from a few weeks ago (we are regular Petco shoppers - Bean loves the place), but today was much the same but with a different outfit.  The blood draw this morning was a little more traumatic than usual as I think Bean was still upset about the IV "poke" in her hand that is hurting her, so another "poke" was not on her agenda!  But, she made it through.  I think I've said it before, but the blood draw person here in Chico is magical!  She finds Bean's vein the first time everytime and is so fast!  Same, Bean was upset, but not upset enough to skip the trip to Petco and Barnes and Noble we had discussed.  It is nice that she is so easy to entertain/please!  We got some dog treats for Bella, a cat bed for Nosey and a starfish decoration for the fish tank before we departed.  We then did our tour over to Barnes and Noble (in the same shopping complex) and visited the train and read a book on Underwater Animals that we ended up purchasing.  Overall, a good morning, sans the blood draw.

She has still been pretty grumpy today and the weather is not helping.  Its very windy and cold (better than the pouring rain we had yesterday when we got home) and she really loves to be outside.  We played for a while outside while I gave Bella (our dog) a much needed bath after her trip through the mud puddles out in the backyard earlier today, but it got too cold and windy after a while.  She napped for an hour or so this morning and has been napping this afternoon for a couple of hours.  I think the hospital wears her out (just like the rest of us...hospitals are not good places for restful sleep!) and makes her grumpy.  But overall, she seems to be doing okay today.  No fevers.  Her eczema is looking better.  And she even seems to be snoring a little less today than she has been the last couple of days.  Now, I hope that the elongated nap today does not lead to a late night tonight, but we shall see.

Thanks to everyone out there for their kind words and thoughts and support!  I am excited to get some health things out of the way this month (the biopsy was a biggy, the tonsillectomy even bigger!) and I'm so thankful that we were able to escape from the hospital yesterday.  I know there are many families out there who do this repeatedly and have much longer stays, so we really are extremely thankful.

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