Friday, November 19, 2010

A Familiar Story...But, Still Amazing

This video is from the BBC - across the ocean, but so similar in circumstances to ours. When I watched it, it made me cry. Tears of joy for the family and baby, but also tears of relief that we were the recipients of such a miraculous gift of life. Life has definitely been getting the best of me lately. I have a case of what some call "mom brain" - can't remember much of anything, sometimes from minute to minute. I feel stressed out much of the time...and things haven't been totally easy. But, when I watch videos like these, it makes me remember that no matter what else happens, Bean is home with us, healthy and mostly happy (although the terrible twos are starting to hit I'm afraid) - and that needs to take precedence over everything else. A wonderful gift has been given to us and we need to make the most of it. I need to remember that.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Bean's Halloween

Just thought I would share a few of our highlights from Halloween!  We celebrated the whole weekend, with Bean's Grandma and Grandpa from Bakersfield in town.  We had some professional pictures taken at the Picture People on Friday - and they turned out beautiful!  They are located in just about every mall (we got Bean's first professional pictures taken there between hospital stays, but in Bakersfield) and because I am a horrible person about planning ahead, the fact that they seem to be able to fit us in when we walk in the door is great for us.  Our photographer this time was great with the Bean, who can be a handful when she is the center of attention!  I have mixed in the pictures from the session throughout the blog post.  If anyone wants to order any pictures (friends and/or family who may be reading) and I haven't sent you the online ordering form, just shoot me an email and I can do that - these are copyrighted, so if you try to enlarge they get distorted, but I thought they were cute, even if small.

It was like Bean was in a parade as we made our way through the mall to the picture place!  She was, of course, quite noticeable in her cow costume, so people were commenting and saying how cute she was, and she was waving at them and blowing kisses to them and had to stop and smile and babble to people along the way.  It was actually quite ridiculous and slightly embarrassing.  She is one of the biggest hams I've ever seen!  And definitely not shy in any way!
On Saturday, we didn't do much Halloween related, but my MIL and I went downtown for the farmer's market, but ended up skipping it because of the rain.  We went shopping instead, checking out my favorite stores in downtown Chico - Made In Chico, Powell's Sweet Shoppe, Bird in Hand, and The Silver Sandbox!  We didn't buy much, but we got some great ideas for Christmas and I did get Bean a cute bib that says "I want my Mummy!" and a ceramic wall hanging that says "Witchy Woman" for myself!  I love Halloween!

 We then went to lunch at the Sierra Nevada Brewery - another of my local faves.  I didn't drink any of their world famous beer this time - just had a fantastic pork tostada that was sooooo good!  Bean wasn't liking sitting around so much after her busy morning, so we didn't stay long, but if you're ever passing through or visiting Chico, be sure to set aside a meal to visit the brewery.  They offer tours as well during certain hours!
 On Halloween, we went to the annual Treat Street celebration downtown.  We ate for the first time at the new Burgers & Brew and had a pretty tasty meal in a relaxed, but nice atmosphere!  After we ate, we took Bean around to the local merchants that were handing out candy and we all loved seeing all the fun Halloween costumes the little ones were wearing!  Once again, Bean had the time of her life waving at people and seeing all the other little kids.  It was great fun, if a little exhausting!

 We stayed home for the evening hours, and Bean helped me answer the door and hand out treats.  She was so excited every time the doorbell rang or a knock was heard on the door!  She would run with me to grab the bowl of candy and take a close look at all the Trick or Treaters, then say "bye" and blow kisses to them as they were leaving.  It made Halloween all the more fun for me!
 We ended the weekend on Monday morning with breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa at Country Waffle.  We were sad to see them go, but will be spending some time with them during the Thanksgiving break, which is coming up really fast (how has it already been a week since Halloween weekend began?)!  Thanksgiving won't be quite as much fun as Halloween, but maybe it will encourage Bean to eat a little more.  Her nutritionist visited again this week and she had gained 4 oz. in the last 3 weeks, which isn't bad, but isn't great (esp. since part of that 4 oz. was a wet diaper).  But, as you can tell from my report of Halloween weekend, the rest of us more than make up for her poor eating habits!  :)
 She is progressing quite well developmentally!  This morning at her therapy session she was matching toys with related pictures, which is pretty advanced according to her therapist. She is quite the smarty-pants most of the time, but I worry about her becoming something else that begins with Smart...hopefully she keeps her pleasant disposition!

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