Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Book Review - Danny the Dragon "Meets Jimmy" by Tina Turbin and Contest!

Today I have a special blog entry!  I am reviewing a great new children's book called Danny the Dragon "Meets Jimmy" by Tina Turbin and illustrated by Aija Jasuna.  The book is about a little boy Jimmy who finds a special shell at the beach and brings it home.  Soon after getting the shell home, Danny the Dragon pops out of the shell with "bright red shoes," "a yellow backpack," and wings!  Along with Danny the Dragon, Skipper, a little frog with goggles and a note pad joins Jimmy's family as well.  The book has a great, simple story for small children and beginner readers.  It teaches subtle lessons, like helping the family with chores and sharing meals with families and friends.  The illustrations are incredible.  They are bright, colorful, and filled with joy.  The book offers something for every child's likes - for those who love their dinosaurs and dragons, there is Danny, for those who love magic and mystery, there is mystery of the talking shell and the special way that Danny and Jimmy are able to escape the shell and then return to the shell, for those who just love looking at pictures, the large pages are full of detail, color and joy!

In addition to being a successful children's book author, Tina Turbin is also an advocate for gluten free living for the purpose of dealing with allergies, celiac disease, and related health issues.  You can find more information on this part of her life at Gluten Free Help.  The book is only the first step in a series of Danny the Dragon items.  I will soon be doing a review of the CD and the DVD related to the book.  In addition to these items, she is working on related cookbooks as well.  The official Danny the Dragon website offers direct purchase links for the book and the CD as well as some wonderful contests for children AND parents or you can go to Amazon to purchase the book or the CD.  But, the CD is almost out of stock, so order soon if you're going to use Amazon!   In addition to her author's page, Tina also has a twitter account where she posts information about celiac disease and gluten-free living.

In the interest of getting more people to check out Danny the Dragon, I am having a contest!  I will give away three Danny the Dragon gift packs, with a Danny the Dragon pencil, a Danny the dragon sticker, a Danny the Dragon bookmark and a Danny the Dragon "Quite Please - I'm Reading" door knob sign, in a cute little zipper pencil bag!  In order to be entered you must go to the Danny the Dragon website and then leave a comment here saying why you think Danny the Dragon sounds like a good addition to your child's library.  You can get an additional entry by choosing to follow my blog!  Just leave a second comment that you are following my blog and how you are following it (reader, blogspot follower, etc.) - if you are already following - just tell me how!  I will choose the winners on March 10, 2010!

I am so happy to have this book on Bean's bookshelf!  It is sure to give us many evenings of great reading and great visuals to go along with the reading!  Thanks to the author for sending it to me to review.  I look forward to reviewing the CD and DVD in the near future as well!   Please check out the book and CD and support this wonderful, self-published author!

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