Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Heart Month!

Just wanted to take a moment to wish every reader out there happy heart month! I will be dedicating daily posts this month to healthy hearts! Bean had a big, big heart, but it just didn't work right. She was lucky enough to receive the gift of a second heart that does work right! In honor of her donor and the donor's family, we will be sure to take very good care of this heart! At this age, that is pretty easy...but as she grows up, it will get more difficult. Both my hubby and I could do a little work on our own heart health! So, this will be a month of education on how to keep hearts healthy, how to improve the health of hearts that may not be as healthy and finally, how much of a miracle it is to celebrate Bean's first birthday thanks to someone else's generous heart.

My resolution for this month was already to exercise at least once a day, so that fits right into the heart healthy focus for this month! But, I hope to find and offer any readers a lot of valuable information about keeping their heart healthy in the long-term!

So, Happy Heart Month! Take care of yours and be generous in giving love from it!

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