Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good-bye 2009...Hello 2010!

I am closing out 2009 at home tonight, thinking about all the ways my life has changed over the last year and enjoying good food, family and some funny stuff on TV.  We're watching Robin Williams' "Weapons of Self Destruction", which is hilarious.  Some much-needed laughs.

The good food was the product of some DELICIOUS Food Network and Pioneer Woman Cooks recipes.  I made two things that I saw on Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade this past week.  Our friend made a recipe she got out of the Food Network magazine from this month.  I love Sandra Lee because I'm a lazy cook. I don't like doing anything difficult and Sandra Lee truly takes the complications out of cooking.  So, I made two things:  Bacon Wrapped Artichoke Hearts, which were A-mazing and Basil Mashed Potatoes which were so easy and really, really tasty.  Our friend made Olive Cheese Bread which was really deli - icious as well.  My hubby barbecued a Kindle's  ball tip roast that we got at Costco, which was one of the best tri-tips I've ever had.  So, overall, it was a really tasty New Year's Eve and its convinced me that I really need to start trying out more recipes and cooking at home in the new year!

We have been talking about possible New Year's resolutions and different strategies for making them more realistic.  I was thinking that I should have a resolution for each month - or a commitment for each month.  So, you only have to do the thing for 30 days total, but since 28 days are needed for a habit, many of those things may stick in the end.  So, now I am trying to figure out the 12 things I would like to do in the New Year.  I definitely want to make one of the months to walk or take the dog to park everyday that month.  I don't want to make it January because the weather is often bad.  So, I should make that sometime in April or May.  So, I need one for January, to start tomorrow off right.  I was thinking about a whole month of cooking at home, but I'm traveling quite a bit this month - actually all the way through March.  So, maybe that would be good for April and the dog walking in May.  So, still need one for January...I think I should do something time management related.  It gets me off to a good start...

I think that following the daily schedule I wrote up for Bean and myself would be a great start.  It includes doing daily and weekly tasks and not spending all day on the computer.  Both things I can use help with.  So, I think I will make that my January resolution - following the daily schedule.  It will be especially difficult when we're traveling, but I would like to integrate a more regular schedule even while we are traveling.  Bean needs some consistency in my life and I could use some myself.  So, that's figured out.  Now I need February, March, and June on...but, I have time for that.

Well, I wish any of you out there reading a very Happy New Year and I'm looking forward to bloggin' up a storm in 2010.

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