Sunday, December 13, 2009

Free Stuff in the Mail!!!

I almost forgot to share...I got some free stuff in the mail this past week.  This was quite the package - it cost me $5.50 for postage because of the forwarding from our old address to the new address, but I was glad I paid it when I opened it up and found TWO dinner kits - Wanchai Ferry's Orange Chicken and Macaroni Grill's Chicken Piccata.  In the past, I have paid to eat Macaroni Grill's Creamy Basil at home and it was absolutely delicious!  These kits only require you to add a few ingredients and I am hoping that the Orange Chicken and the Chicken Piccata end up tasting as good as the Creamy Basil did.  I currently have some chicken breasts defrosting in the refrigerator to use with these kits, so tomorrow I should have a report on how they taste!

You may be wondering why I got them free in the mail.  A while back, I signed up with Pssst... and since then I have received a couple of samples that I have not been able to spread the word about due to extenuating circumstances - hospital stays that prevented me from truly enjoying the items or my husband eating them before I got to them!  So, this is the first time I am blogging about items received.  In addition to sending me the dinner kits, they also included a generous number of $1.25 off one dinner kit coupons.  So, if you are reading this blog and are interested in receiving a coupon or two from me, just comment with your email address and I will email you for your snail mail address and send them along. I know the website for the Dinner Kits has $1 off coupons as well, but for some of you with double and triple coupon options, the $1.25 may save you significantly more.  Plus, I've got all these coupons...might as well share a few, right?

Okay - now I'm REALLY going to bed for the night!  Hopefully Bean isn't up too often and I can get some sleep!

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