Sunday, December 13, 2009

Exciting New Resource

After my little "episode" yesterday, I have been thinking about where I need help in my life and how to find that help.  In looking around on the trusty internet, I have found an exciting new resource that I am going to be exploring over the next week or so.  "Want What You Have" is a mom's blog with a definite religious focus (just to warn those of you who might be turned off by that sort of thing - me, I need all the help I can get!) that offers a bevy of additional resources.  I found it while looking for a realistic daily schedule for me and Bean - she is getting to an age where we really need to start establishing a schedule for her - eating, sleeping, playing, etc.  My husband and I are definitely not good at sticking to a schedule, so I figured looking for one online and then tweaking it to meet our needs and then DISPLAYING it should really help us out.  It works for Supernanny right?  So, I took a look at the daily schedule for stay at home moms on this blog.  Although I am not officially a stay-at-home mom, my work schedule is flexible enough to consider myself one for the sake of planning.  I really felt like Heather was speaking for me in the opening paragraphs leading to the schedule!  I have definitely slipped into the unmotivated and undisciplined areas she speaks of!

I am not set on a schedule yet.  As Heather says, I have to figure out what works for me - what I have to get done.  I also would like to integrate this idea with some of the Flylady scheduling I have been working on.  I think that the Flylady routines will integrate well into the daily schedule.

So, I'm heading off to bed and tomorrow I will work on figuring out this daily schedule thing and I look forward to exploring more of the resources on Want What You Have!

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